Monday, January 16, 2012

Night before weigh in

Commitment is defined as- a pledge or promise; obligation

This is my commitment to become Allendale's Biggest Loser. My journey will start tomorrow (1/17/12) at 8 am at Bruseveen Chiropractic. I will weigh in tomorrow morning and from there I will have 97 days to work out and eat better to become a healthier me. I have an amazing support group behind me on  this. My amazing husband bought and eliptical and we bought healthy foods. I have faith that this will be  the  time I stick to a diet.

As part of my motivation I had several people write down words of encouragement on paper and placed them in  envelopes.  97 envelopes and 97 days. I will open one envelope a day and post what the contents are. Please note  some may have profanity in it but  I will sensor it to the best of my ability. I will carry that encourgment with me where  ever I go to help me through this process. I am committing to work out,  eat healthier, and blog everyday.

Since my hell starts tomorrow  I  decided that my last and final meal would be a food that I love. 2 beef supreme chalupa's, a hard shell taco, fiesta  potatoes, jalapeno poppers and a large mountain dew.

So wish me and all the other contestants luck and hopefully after my 97 days of torture I will be a skinner and healthier me

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