Tuesday, January 24, 2012

91/90 days left

sorry i didnt write yesterday. So here is what happened. My wonderful boss showed me the website myfitnesspal.com. And may I just say it is awesome. It tracks work out and food intake how many calories I should eat, etc... So I started doing that. If you want to track me on that my user name is Julieoziemkiewicz. I worked out for like 5minutes yesterday.

TODAY!! 90 days left

"You can make it. One day at a time.Love Mom"

May I just say I love my mommy. Shes never been one to struggle with weight loss so for her to offer words of encouragement to me means a lot. Well today I woke up thought I had to go and weigh in (oh i didnt its next week) I went and got my hair cut. Came home and relaxed for a bit. Decided I wanted to go to meijer to get a new hair straightner and ending up buying a lot more (hair straightner, new socks (nothing better than new socks), bobbie pins, new brush, comb, biggest loser work out dvd, and just dance 2 for the wii). So I came  home and danced my ass off to just dance. The great thing about just dance is I do the sweat one and I do sweat and its fun.

breakfast-special K cereal bar and oj
lunch- 2 venison taco
dinner- to be determined

I dont know what to do for dinner however Im ganna do  some more just dance

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