Thursday, February 2, 2012


OMG that was a work out and a half...I feel like I hit a brick wall. This morning I did the 52 minutes of back and chest. Ive been feeling it in my back all day. I got out of work early and came home and did the ab ripper x. WOW that was hard. I couldnt keep up for the life of me. I know I will feel better tomorrow about this. Tomorrow I will be waking up at 530 again to do another work out...I would write more but I am way to exhausted to do anything right now...its 840 and im going to bed.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a new start

Sorry I havent wrote the blog lately I have been very busy with things lately. So here is what has been happening. My wonderful coworker showed me a website called and its wonderful. I am able to track my food intake and it shows me how much fat, calories, carbs, protein is in each thing. It shows me how many calories I should be intaking etc... its pretty much amazing. I am on that every day. Its amazing how crappy i have been eating. So because of the I have learned how to eat healthier.
I weighed in on january 17th and started out at 245.6. I had my second weigh in on tuesday and I lost 4.2 pounds bringing me down to 241.4. Im not ganna lie Im kinda pissed... I just feel like it should have been more. I AM the the biggest girl at the branch I work at and I have a lot of weight to lose and four pounds was not my proudest moment..
Well tomorrow is a brand new day! and a brand new start! My wonderful brother in law let me borrow his P90X work out stuff... BRING ON THE PAIN! I need to figure out how to keep myself motivated through the entire work out... the envelopes are great however during a work out I want to quit (its so hard)...I just dont know... If anyone has any motivational tips please let me know! So tomorrow morning I will be waking my ass up at 5:30 to work out...I have to its not an option this has to be a life change.... If i have time tomorrow I will let you all know about the pain and suffering that I will be in... until then... have a great night