Saturday, January 21, 2012

93 days left

"You are doing amazing baby. Keep up the great work. Ethan and I love  you so much."

Obviously my husband wrote this. I dont feel like I did well today. This morning started off well. Woke up showered and made the most delicious breakfast. Then lunch came I did ok but I could have had a lot more veggies than I did. I did horrible at dinner...Im not ganna lie...however Jillian Michaels and her 30 day shred is going to make it much better. Im not ganna lie my body is very sore today. I could use a message. That would be wonderful (but very unlikely). Well on to what I had today:

Breakfast- Omellette (egg whites, tomatoes,  green peppers, and mushrooms) glass of milk (it was AWESOME)

Lunch- Small sandwich (turkey, cheese, mustard) fruit salad, brocolli,carrots,and cheesey potatoes

Dinner- 2 pieces of supreme pizza from pizza hut  (oh man do I feel guilty for having two)

Jillian Micheals here I come. I  am ready to get my butt handed to me.

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