Tuesday, January 24, 2012

91/90 days left

sorry i didnt write yesterday. So here is what happened. My wonderful boss showed me the website myfitnesspal.com. And may I just say it is awesome. It tracks work out and food intake how many calories I should eat, etc... So I started doing that. If you want to track me on that my user name is Julieoziemkiewicz. I worked out for like 5minutes yesterday.

TODAY!! 90 days left

"You can make it. One day at a time.Love Mom"

May I just say I love my mommy. Shes never been one to struggle with weight loss so for her to offer words of encouragement to me means a lot. Well today I woke up thought I had to go and weigh in (oh i didnt its next week) I went and got my hair cut. Came home and relaxed for a bit. Decided I wanted to go to meijer to get a new hair straightner and ending up buying a lot more (hair straightner, new socks (nothing better than new socks), bobbie pins, new brush, comb, biggest loser work out dvd, and just dance 2 for the wii). So I came  home and danced my ass off to just dance. The great thing about just dance is I do the sweat one and I do sweat and its fun.

breakfast-special K cereal bar and oj
lunch- 2 venison taco
dinner- to be determined

I dont know what to do for dinner however Im ganna do  some more just dance

Sunday, January 22, 2012

92 days left

"Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there's footprints on the moon"

A wonderful friend of mine had this one today and how true it is. Because of this I feel like I need to recommit to my original promise. I feel as if today I fell off the wagon. This diet is very hard to do when I have my husband here eating chips and drinking pop. Even though I didnt give into those things I did give in to chicken fingers from texas roadhouse. After I ate them I felt like complete crap. I have only worked out for 10 minutes on the elliptical. I need to find a consistant time for me to  work out. I just feel like I am struggling with this since I dont feel like I have the support at home. Yes my husband is there for me if I need him but  I just want him to make the healthier choices with me. SO FRUSTERATING!!! Starting crying today just because I was getting frusterated and Craig says "well thing of crying this way your losing some of your water weight" I was not so amused. OH well... tomorrow is another day.

Breakfast- milk and banana
Lunch- chicken fingers, cup of chili, and loaded baked potato from Texas Roadhouse
Snack- Cheese slice with tomatoes by laughing cow

Saturday, January 21, 2012

93 days left

"You are doing amazing baby. Keep up the great work. Ethan and I love  you so much."

Obviously my husband wrote this. I dont feel like I did well today. This morning started off well. Woke up showered and made the most delicious breakfast. Then lunch came I did ok but I could have had a lot more veggies than I did. I did horrible at dinner...Im not ganna lie...however Jillian Michaels and her 30 day shred is going to make it much better. Im not ganna lie my body is very sore today. I could use a message. That would be wonderful (but very unlikely). Well on to what I had today:

Breakfast- Omellette (egg whites, tomatoes,  green peppers, and mushrooms) glass of milk (it was AWESOME)

Lunch- Small sandwich (turkey, cheese, mustard) fruit salad, brocolli,carrots,and cheesey potatoes

Dinner- 2 pieces of supreme pizza from pizza hut  (oh man do I feel guilty for having two)

Jillian Micheals here I come. I  am ready to get my butt handed to me.

Friday, January 20, 2012

94 days left

"You are 3 days in and doing great! You are in control of this and have the power! There are going to be bad days but good days are going to out weigh them in the end!"

Today was very busy and eventful. Worked for a portion of the day. Then did throw for dough for work. That was fun. I got to yell to people to buy a puck to help autism. It was great to volunteer my time. I havent gotten a head ache at all today. I still havent had any soda and I feel amazing not  having any. I dont even want one. I am so happy to have such great coworkers who are in this  with me. Because of them I dont want to fail I want to keep going. OH i made pumpkin spice muffins. Under 100 calories and its probably one of the easiest things I made. It was great. I also had my first slice of laughing cow cheese... I am now addicted. Here is the what I consumed today

Breakfast: 2  pumpkin spice muffins, 8oz glass of milk
Lunch: Orange crusted chicken, asparagus, and corn (leftovers), 2 wedges of garlic and herb laughing cow cheese, glass of milk
Dinner: Hot dog on  a bun

Im not ganna get a work out in tonight. I am exhausted and I did stairs with Heidi when we went to vanandel. Oh well good night another busy day tomorrow. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

95 Days Left

"If you eat something bad-I will be able to see  it in your eyes and then I will kick your a$$. Dont make me hurt you-even though it would be fun on my part :) "

Well I ate very well today. So no getting hurt for me :)  (so the smilie face on the blog looks like crap, just sayin') This morning I woke up another day really refreshed. Worked all day and then went to the grocery store. My trip to the store was great. I bought a lot of fruit and veggies and chicken. I did very well. Im starting to think that my wallet isnt going to like this new life style change. Its kinda expensive to eat healthy. Oh well, I guess that if its better for me in the end I dont care how much its going to cost me. Oh I didnt have any caffine today so that makes 3 days in a row. I still need to work out. I just ate and need to find my Jillian Michael's 30 day shred DVD or maybe I will do my Slim in 6 DVD... oh the choices... So today I had

Breakfast- 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter, an egg white omelette with tomatoes, banana and a glass of milk

Lunch- Salad (lettuce, tomato, egg, chicken, salt and pepper) and a glass of milk

Dinner- Orange crusted chicken, roasted asparagus, and corn)

Dessert- fat free pudding on fat free whipped cream with raspberries

I feel like today was a very filling day. Thanks to Angie for donating her magazines to get me in shape. I greatly appreciate it. Well now to find my DVD work out and then eat desset.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

96 days left

"Never,Never,Never Give Up"

I had an amazing night sleep last night. I woke up all refreshed. Im starting to have serious caffine withdraws though... My head has been pounding all day. I use to drink about 2 cups of coffee and have about 3 or 4 cans of coke. Now I have completely cut the caffine and i am suffering now. Oh well 2 days down,  I can do it I wont give up, I cant give up. I try to keep telling myself that this is just an addiction that Im trying to break. I just took advil to help with the headache, finally starting to go away. Unfortunately the headache doenst help my motivation on working out all I want to do is lay down. I only have worked out for10 minutes so far... I will be working out more once Im done posting this and this headache is almost gone. I keep staring at my elliptical and it keeps  screaming at me telling me to work out. 

So today I started to figure out more things  that I should be eating. A big thanks to my wonderful co worker and friend  Mary for sending me recipes today, I cant wait try them. So for today I had:

Breakfast- 16 oz orange juice and a  banana
Lunch- Salad (lettuce, tomato, egg, salt and pepper (no dressing)) and 5 pot stickers (water to drink)
Dinner- foot  long sub from subway (sweet onion teriaky (or however you spell it) with lettuce, tomato, green pepper, sweet onion sauce) and an eight ounce glass of crystal light
Snack- I dont want one

I  feel as if I should have  only eaten half my sub but oh well the damage is done now. Alright so im going to get back on this elliptical while I watch American Idol... Until Tomorrow... have a good night

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

97 days to go

97 days to go
"Day one of your workout. Its time to change your life for the better. This is going to be a long and hard process but you can do it. If you dont start today then when will you?"

Food intake:
Breakfast- glass of 2% milk
Lunch- Sub sandwich (turkey,lettuce,tomato, and mustard), 20 mini pretzels, and a banana
Dinner- to be determined
Snack- I dont know yet

Exercise- 20 minutes of intense workout on elliptical

So today was an interesting day. I havent decided what Im going to make for dinner but it needs to be healthy. Im still learning about calorie intake and working out. I weighed in this morning at 245.6 pounds. No longer will I weigh this much.  I have begun this journey and I will finish it.

I was going to work out for a couple hours but being my first day my twenty minute work out was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I decided to do 20 minutes of lower body fat burn... OMG my legs hurt so bad and I never know that much back sweat could accumulate in that short amount of time. I will probably do some more work out later tonight (probably while watching biggest loser), but for now I have to figure out what to make my family for dinner. More to come tomorrow :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Night before weigh in

Commitment is defined as- a pledge or promise; obligation

This is my commitment to become Allendale's Biggest Loser. My journey will start tomorrow (1/17/12) at 8 am at Bruseveen Chiropractic. I will weigh in tomorrow morning and from there I will have 97 days to work out and eat better to become a healthier me. I have an amazing support group behind me on  this. My amazing husband bought and eliptical and we bought healthy foods. I have faith that this will be  the  time I stick to a diet.

As part of my motivation I had several people write down words of encouragement on paper and placed them in  envelopes.  97 envelopes and 97 days. I will open one envelope a day and post what the contents are. Please note  some may have profanity in it but  I will sensor it to the best of my ability. I will carry that encourgment with me where  ever I go to help me through this process. I am committing to work out,  eat healthier, and blog everyday.

Since my hell starts tomorrow  I  decided that my last and final meal would be a food that I love. 2 beef supreme chalupa's, a hard shell taco, fiesta  potatoes, jalapeno poppers and a large mountain dew.

So wish me and all the other contestants luck and hopefully after my 97 days of torture I will be a skinner and healthier me